How to Attract Customers to Your Business with Signage

What’s the best way to lure passers-by into your shop? Whether you run a café, a garage or an estate agency, sometimes the old-fashioned forms of advertising are the best. One failsafe way to get your business noticed and draw people in from the street is to use visible, persuasive and attractive signs. Need some tips? We’ll show you how to attract customers to your business using well-placed and effective signage.

Instant messages (the old fashioned way)

A board pavement sign to attract customers to your businessIn today’s digital age, we’re often so caught up in marketing our business online that we forget to go back to basics. If you have a physical presence on the street, however, you’ll need to use physical means to make sure your real-world, flesh-and-blood customers are aware of your existence.

Well-designed pavement signs are the ideal way to make your presence known. A good pavement sign outside your shop will communicate an instant message to passers-by about what they’ll find within. And even if they don’t take the bait the first or second time they pass your premises, your signage will be doing a great job of increasing brand awareness. With an effective pavement sign, your business and its wares will become a familiar part of the fabric of the street. So, the next time a local needs access to a cash machine or fancies a coffee, they’ll already know where they can go to get what they need.

Don’t hide away

If you’re a little off the beaten track, you may be wondering how to attract customers to your business when it’s not visible from the main shopping streets. So if you often find yourself sitting in your shop and willing people to make their way inside, good signage could be the answer to increase that all-important footfall. You may need a succession of signs to help people locate your premises; banners located on the main street could make people aware of your presence, while projecting signs or flags using the same colours and logo will help them to recognise and find you. If you’re located within an office block or business park, you can also use signs within the building to reassure customers that they’re heading in the right direction.

Pop up flag banners outside shopGet the design right

It’s important that you choose the right design for your business signs. An otherwise attractive sign that looks different from your shopfront, brochure or business card may confuse your customers and throw them off the scent, so make sure that any signage is integrated with the rest of your branding and marketing materials.

Readability is also an important consideration. Signs aren’t always scrutinised in detail by passers-by – they may be driving past in a car or walking along with their attention taken by other things. So always ensure that you keep words to a minimum, emphasise the main message and keep your signage uncluttered. Positioning of your sign is important, too; do you want a projecting sign placed above eye level, or something more noticeable at street level?

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