How to Attract Customers to Your Business with Signage

What’s the best way to lure passers-by into your shop? Whether you run a café, a garage or an estate agency, sometimes the old-fashioned forms of advertising are the best. One failsafe way to get your business noticed and draw people in from the street is to use visible, persuasive and attractive signs. Need some […]

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The Importance of Promotional Products

It might not make much sense at first, but giving stuff away really can help your bottom line. Why? Because free promotional items like branded pens, USB sticks and coffee mugs all act like adverts, and they reinforce awareness of your brand every time they are used. The importance of promotional products in marketing your […]

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Improve Brand Awareness Through Your Stationery

Stationery. The most boring subject in the world? OR The most useful marketing tool in your business?! Believe it or not, the mere ‘PEN’ can be your company’s best friend. It’s all about the product & design. – If it looks good, your logo is sure to look good on it! Do you indulge in […]

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Top Tips For Setting Up A New Business

A handy guide for those mums in business in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. More and more people are starting to work for themselves. Whether through necessity in this harsh economic climate, or as a way of finding better job satisfaction, self-employment is on the rise. As a working mother, self-employment can provide a solution […]

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Designing Your Business Card

Principally, over-crowding or being TOO minimalist is a MAJOR problem with business cards! Follow our 3 step intro. to set you on track to having perfect  business cards. 1)      Choose your card! If you’ve had a browse or even had business cards made already – you will know the elaborate array of card is endless. […]

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Importance Of Making A Good Impression

What do you think when you meet business people? What do they think of you? Even in relaxed/ social environments like exhibitions or lunch meetings, what they think of you and your business is all that counts! 1)      Have you got the right business card?! Most business cards come in different shapes and sizes. The […]

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Maximising Your Exhibition Attendance

Businesses are continuously planning for exhibitions! If not, they certainly should be and everyone has a budget. Are better looking exhibitions, dealing with bigger budgets? Not always! Most of them just know how to use them properly! Exhibitions are supposed to be enjoyable. Remember this throughout – you’ll need to for a) your sanity & […]

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