Designing Your Business Card

Principally, over-crowding or being TOO minimalist is a MAJOR problem with business cards!

Follow our 3 step intro. to set you on track to having perfect  business cards.

1)      Choose your card!

If you’ve had a browse or even had business cards made already – you will know the elaborate array of card is endless. The type, the thickness, the gloss/shine, shape cut outs – you can get whatever you want!

The trouble is, knowing what you need!

What will give your ‘clients’, past, present & future, the knowledge that they need to get your services!?

SIZE; Having a thin flimsy business card is usually the cheapest option when shopping online – as well as actually getting a thin rectangle of card instead of a standard size business card! Be sure to check what you’re actually buying! (We only do a medium thickness as our standard-no one wants paper-like cards!!)


2)      Do your market research! What are your competitors doing that you could do better? What are other business’s doing well that you could use?

Going back to the principle rule –‘over-crowding V. too minimalist’, getting a balance is what puts you before others! Simplicity is the key. Getting your vital information and an impression of value across.

Portrait business cards have always been popular, however landscape is more common!

However you decide to have your card – making it easy to read is what will matter!


3)      Artwork. Keep your logos & colour scheme close to what you have already – so your customers know it’s you!

Use your colours in a professional way. Too bold may not give the image you want, too faint and there’s no point in having any! Continuity with your business is what shows you’re serious and meticulous in everything you do!

It’s the one opportunity to show how you can take care of things! 

Many people draft in graphic designers – they do the best job, but as long as you know what you’re aiming for you can create your own professional and functional business card.

Go ahead & GOOD LUCK!

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