Importance Of Making A Good Impression

What do you think when you meet business people? What do they think of you?

Even in relaxed/ social environments like exhibitions or lunch meetings, what they think of you and your business is all that counts!

1)      Have you got the right business card?!

Most business cards come in different shapes and sizes. The worst shape and size is the thinnest card. Choosing the faintest colours for a card and writing which has to be looked at ‘in a certain light’, are not ones to give away. – Don’t make yourself look cheap!! Usually for a few pence more it can be thicker and bolder! We love printing!

Use your own experience! Do you chuck hard to read business cards after exhibitions? Well your visitors will too! Get the most out of the one thing they’re likely to take away.


2)      Does your office impress??

Can you see the sun when it shines? Even if YOU don’t want to – customers want to see in!

Wherever you are based, our offices show what our businesses means to us and what it’s all about!

It’s important for your reception rooms, meeting rooms, halls, offices – ALL to look impressive!

A dull and dingy office says you can’t really be bothered. Is this your attitude to business?


3)      Do YOU look the part….?

We have close links with the fashion designer & retail outlet ‘’Without Prejudice’’. It is so important to look like you love your business and are professional + experienced enough to handle potential clients. YES how you look does imply experience! Knowing the dress code of your industry shows you know everything there is to know – allowing trust to be put in you and your business.

If you don’t, you won’t be giving potential clients and customers the satisfactory guarantee of your service and probably won’t see them again!


4)      How would you LIKE to be perceived?

Knowing what you want out of your business image and knowing how to do it are different concepts BUT they work together!

Do you want an approachable business, a friendly face & to be comfortable for customers? OR would you like to be a detached, stiff professional your customers hardly like to talk to.


5)      BUDGET keeping?

If you think you can’t afford to change your business image, think again!

(Look out for our blog ‘Exhibitions on a budget’)

Even the smallest changes make the biggest impact on business. Our discount range offers exhibition give-aways that everyone can afford!

Having a new, fresh set of promotional products, or even exhibition background, – keeps you in the minds of those who matter!!

For all your printing, design & office furniture needs get in touch with our friendly team.


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