Improve Brand Awareness Through Your Stationery

Stationery. The most boring subject in the world? OR The most useful marketing tool in your business?!

Believe it or not, the mere ‘PEN’ can be your company’s best friend.

It’s all about the product & design. – If it looks good, your logo is sure to look good on it!

Do you indulge in new businesses? Branch out and try someone new every now and again? Occasionally. Well why them? No one uses a business unless they’ve heard about them, most likely seen a product or two & are able to research them to find out EVEN more. Getting your businesses name seen by as many people as possible is the underlying fact of marketing.

So how do you widen your contact list using stationery? Targeted marketing & promotional tactics.

BE GENEROUS Going to a networking event? Be it 10 people around a table having coffee or a warehouse of stalls & 1000s of business people – have something to give them!





A goodie bag of branded goods means they have something to take back to the office. Give them a pen & they’ll use it & stick it on their desk. A mug – be it them or a colleague – that’ll get used! The more you give out, the more will recognise & potentially use your company. (Targeted events like exhibitions are perfect to give away tons of promotional goods to people like you!!)

GET JEALOUS> Having the top notch product to give away is essential. A free, yet sought after product will give just the right impression for your business. You want to leave them wanting more!

A suave and sophisticated, black matte sheen, branded pen. This alone allows your potential customer to experience a little & ponder into what you’re about. ‘’If they have expensive and professional looking stationery, they must be a long standing, experienced business!’’. Your product and promotional goods – anything with your name on! – say everything about you before they even ask!

BE GREEN> A niche product always sells better!

Ever surprised at how much organic food is compared to the ‘normal’ stuff? If you have a niche of being eco-friendly,/ using recycled goods etc. – it’s something different your target audience will notice & perhaps appreciate over the less conscientious competitor. (+ YOU can charge more for it!…although we don’t !)

DO SOMETHING> Anything! Join a charity & sponsor them / run a race for life – Show people you care!

The huge clothing chain Primark came under scrutiny in June. Their sweatshop workers had sewn extra labels into clothes because of the poor conditions they were working in.

-An extreme example, sure, but people notice! Equally people notice when you do something good. Below is a beautiful story of a printing firm who managed to print a 3D leg for a 1 legged duck!! Talk about big softies!

We’re involved with a few charities ourselves – a partner of Colprint regularly runs for them!

For any advice, information or enquirers, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tel: 01923 247 458




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