Maximising Your Exhibition Attendance

Businesses are continuously planning for exhibitions! If not, they certainly should be and everyone has a budget.

Are better looking exhibitions, dealing with bigger budgets? Not always! Most of them just know how to use them properly!

Exhibitions are supposed to be enjoyable. Remember this throughout – you’ll need to for a) your sanity & b) your visitors & potential customers!

1) There are always products out there at half the price you see maximising your exhibition experience with pop up signs and bannersthem for! SEARCH! If you think you’re paying too much for your products… you probably are!! It always pays (sometimes quite literally) to go to the source! Find a major manufacturing company – make sure they don’ compromise on quality and they can AFFORD to give you what you want – for less! Promotional goods are the most used business tool going right now. They’re popular, relatively low priced & definitely rewarding! Drawing people into your exhibition is essentially the main aim of the event! (-Then it’s your turn to keep them interested!)


2) Face-to-face or a quick phone call could bag you a better deal! We’re so friendly we hand out deals, offers or discounts ALL THE TIME over the phone or in person! We can’t help but do you a favour! So does this work with everyone? Pretty much! Most large companies (we’re small) have many offers you have to enquire about – i.e. they won’t tell you about unless you ask! Don’t ask, don’t get!


3) F-U-N & Business…. Keep it light! Whether it’s leaflets or business cards or promotional flyers, they need to be anything but dull and mundane! Bright colours are eye-catching, having a bold text or images make it interesting – Use your common sense more than anything! What would you like to be handed. What would draw you into a display? – The lighting above the poster boards? The glossy, stand-out leaflets, or the friendly and inviting posters? We can help with all of this and more to make your exhibition the best (We’ll even try & keep it UNDER BUDGET!!).

Don’t forget!

We’re always here to help with all of your business needs – just get in contact!

Or give us a call on 01923 247 458

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