Top Tips For Setting Up A New Business

A handy guide for those mums in business in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

More and more people are starting to work for themselves. Whether through necessity in this harsh economic climate, or as a way of finding better job satisfaction, self-employment is on the rise. As a working mother, self-employment can provide a solution to the work-life balance dilemma, and can provide more flexibility than regular employment. The Hertfordshire area is a hive for business and demand for professional skills is high. If you want to join the growing army of mums in business in the Hertfordshire area, then just do it!

Setting yourself up in business is relatively simple, and financial investment is fairly modest. Follow our three-step plan to get you going.

  1. Get yourself organised! First of all you need to allocate some space in your home for working. You may want to have a separate space away from the hustle of the family home, such as in an upstairs spare room, or a garden studio, or you may want to be closer to the action so you can do some work while the children are playing. You may want a dedicated desk, or are happy to use the dining room table. If you will need computer equipment, or studio space, or a work bench, then think about how this would work with the space you have available, and if you need more office furniture, then get equipped with us!
  2. Start your marketing! Once you’re set up, you will need to advertise your services. Business cards are a must whatever it is that you do as you will need something to hand out to new contacts. Flyers are an effective way of spreading the word to your target market, so please have a look at our hints for creating a successful business flyer. Flyers are good for putting through doors in your local Hertfordshire area, and you could ask a friendly local shopkeeper if you can put some out on their counter. Social media is wonderful for getting the word out quickly. If you don’t know the basics of Facebook and Twitter for business, then get someone to show you. Social media is free to use and for the right business, can reap big rewards.
  3. Get out there! Networking events are brilliant for meeting potential customers and for raising awareness of you and your business. There are Biz Mums meetings which are a fantastic way of meeting other mums in business in Hertfordshire for mutual support. Once you’ve had that first encouraging sniff of work, then make the most of it. Promotional gifts are a low-cost way of helping people to remember you once you’ve parted, or to send on to your first customers as a little thank you. Word of mouth is powerful so keep those first clients delighted and on your side and you’ll find referrals coming in.

Whatever business you want to set-up, there are so many options in the Hertfordshire area that you should never be stuck finding what you need. Good luck!

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