Branded Pens

These are one of the simplest and most effective promotional items to have at your disposal when attending exhibitions. Exhibition attendees may often be high-powered business decision makers, but nobody’s infallible and it’s amazing how many will turn up on the day without that most basic item – a writing implement. For this reason, branded pens are an inexpensive way to get your name in front of those all-important potential clients. What’s more, everyone has a use for a pen, so it’s much less likely that your gift will be forgotten or thrown away.

Branded pens are sold in bulk at prices which are affordable even for the smallest start-up companies, so you won’t need to have access to a huge marketing budget. Even if your potential customer isn’t buying on the day of the exhibition, give them a useful everyday item to take away with them and they may think of you weeks or even months after the event when they’ve still got your pen on their desk. In that respect, branded pens can be even more effective than business cards and they can carry vital information; your company name, logo, address, telephone number and website, just as you would on a business card.

Our Range

You can choose from a wide variety of colours and designs. Chunky tornado pens look trendy and are ideal for larger promotional messages. We also produce lanyard pens in six different colours. The colour-matched pen and lanyard double-up the available space for your message. And if you want to say more than you can fit on a standard pen, our banner pen is a novel new addition – the banner insert rolls up inside the barrel and pulls out to reveal your double-sided message. There are also many other choices in our extensive pens and pencils range which has something suitable for every budget and taste.

As marketing techniques go, branded pens are tried and tested, which is why they’re always a popular choice with businesses of all industries. They’re economical and they’re a lasting way to build awareness of your brand. And after all, everybody loves a freebie, so give people something they will always need and you can’t go far wrong.

We supply branded pens to businesses in St Albans and further afield. To order or discuss additional discounts on larger orders, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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