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Exhibitions are an excellent way to showcase your product and business. Taking part in an exhibition can be an expensive affair, but the potential for return on your investment makes it a worthwhile one. They’re attended by large numbers of business decision makers who are on the look-out for products and services to buy, so the potential value to your business is huge.

They also give you the opportunity to collect leads, make sales and launch products to attendees who have come voluntarily to see what you and your fellow exhibitors have to offer. In other words, you have a wealth of warm leads at your disposal, but in order to turn those prospects into customers you need to stand out from the crowd. To do that, you’ll need a clear set of objectives and meticulous planning to help you achieve them. So how do you maximise the impact of your stand and the number of leads you generate at exhibitions?

Exhibiting for the First Time?

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If you’re a first-timer you’ll need to find out about the exhibitions that are available. You can get this from your trade association as well as a variety of other sources. Consider attending some exhibitions as a customer before taking the plunge as an exhibitor to give you a feel for what to expect.

You’re making a significant investment in terms of effort and money so you need to choose your exhibitions carefully. You can get a good idea by looking at an event’s past performance. A look at last year’s catalogue will give you some clues; you may also be able to get the opinions of customers or competitors who attended. You’ll obviously want to be sure that your target customers will be there so don’t be afraid to ask for an analysis of last year’s attendance.

Once you’ve evaluated the costs and decided that the exhibition is right for you in terms of size and the publicity and services it offers, you’re ready to book your space. Choosing the right space can be the difference between success and failure at an exhibition, so make sure you get a map of the venue. Stands near main aisles or features like cafés can really boost your footfall. Then book early to ensure there’s enough time for your business to be included in the promotional materials produced by the organisers.

Remember that you’ll usually have to arrange services like electricity, lighting and any internet access you want to have on the day. You can get to work on this once your deposit is paid.

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Planning your exhibition space

So you’ve got your space but now you need to maximise its impact on the day and make sure that the layout works for you and your customers. The space needs to be visually appealing in order to draw in those customers. We’ve got some great exhibition stand ideas to give you some inspiration, or you could go the whole hog and hire a designer to make your stand truly distinctive. Pop-up banners are easy to set up and fold away once the exhibition’s over, and can be stored away for use at a future exhibition. For more information, take a look at our exhibition stands available.

Plan how you’re going to work on the day – do you want to stand in front of your table or behind it? Standing in front can make you seem more approachable to visitors and provides more opportunities to greet potential customers as they pass.

We have a range of counter units available for you to take your pick from for your exhibition including a Counter pop up table,  a convenient and light-weight pop-up counter and a hard trolley counter case table which is very easy to set up and transport.

Attracting visitors to your stand

There are lots of ways to pull in people to your stand. It could be as simple as some comfy stools and sweets to invite them to sit down and take a break. This gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with them, so make the most of it and make sure nobody leaves empty handed. Goody bags with product samples, branded pens, promotional gifts and business cards are a great way to help them remember you after the event. Running a competition is another idea that will pique interest and give customers a reason to return to your stand later in the day.

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