The Printing Process and Custom Printing

Business competitors in the same industry and sector have a natural tendency to produce similar marketing materials and printed promotions. At Colprint we understand the importance of ensuring our printing solutions provide you with business stationery, brochures, signs and banners that stand out from the crowd with elegant and subtle print finishes. Our custom printing services a second-to-none!

Available for a wide range of materials and formats, special print processes can provide the finishing touch that is guaranteed to elevate your business stationery and marketing materials to the next level.

The finishing stages of a Colprint print job can truly transform printed materials. Our custom printing offers a variety of options with our knowledgeable team able to help you choose the ideal print process for your project.

Die Cut

If you’re looking to break the mould and produce printed products in intricate and interesting shapes, Die Cut is the perfect special printing process for you. Ideal for pop-up cards, envelopes, business cards and promotional flyers and leaflets, Die Cut delivers unrivalled customisation in alternative cuts and folds that are sure to make an impact.


Much like embossing, this provides a textural finish, however, instead, the de-embossed element is indented into the material and offers a more subtle aesthetic when combined with a careful choice of background colour and weight.


Adding easy utility without sacrificing style, our perforation finishes allow sections of your printed products to be easily torn away without damaging the rest of the piece. The perforation line can be as subtle and small as you require with a variety of shapes available as an alternative to the traditional straight line.


Available in holographic, matt and gloss finishes, foiling adds an eye-catching yet understated dimension of elegance to our custom printing services.

Created by a heat process which substitutes standard ink for a thin film of foil, this process is ideal for logos and delicate lettering.

Goldfoil Print Process: custom printing watford


Embossed business card: custom printing watford

This finish creates a raised texture to your logo or lettering and ensures that the embossed element of your document or brochure stands out.

The effect is created by the design being pressed into the reverse of the material and creates a high quality and crafted effect.

Thermographic Printing

This process results in graphics and text to be slightly raised from the print material and is ideal for making a real impact.

Thermorgraphic printing is frequently used for business cards, letterheads and wedding invitations due to the glossy feel of the finish.

Thermo print process: custom printing watford

UV Varnish

UV Varnish Print Process: custom printing watford

Ideal for enhancing focus areas of text or graphics, UV Varnishing is a post print process that can truly add an extra dimension to printed materials.

The technique offers high clarity and results in a finished product that is resistant to abrasion.


This custom printing process produces stunning raised images or text on business stationery and offers a luxurious, high end aesthetic.

This finish is perfect for distinctive logos, badges and crests and produces beautiful results.

Diestamp Print Process: custom printing watford

Colprint can provide these special printing process to help distinguish your businesses printed materials from your competition, adding the engaging and professional touches that can make all the difference.

As well as the processes mentioned above, we can also provide a brochure with more detailed information and a wide range of finishing choices. Our Watford based team is on hand to assist you in making the right choice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about our custom printing service.