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Exhibition stands are one piece of essential kit that you have to get absolutely spot-on in order to get the most out of taking part in a trade fair. It is, after all, a significant investment and you want the best return possible. Our exhibition stand designers can help to get you noticed on the day – and remembered after the event. So, what are the options?

‘Shell Scheme’ Exhibition Stands

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Many organisers offer a ‘shell scheme’ which is a pre-erected stand which usually includes side and back walls, carpet, a fascia and name board. You’re then responsible for decorating the space using your own banners, such as this pegasus banner display, panels and other materials to fill the grey background.

This is usually the cheapest option so it can be handy if you’re on a tight budget, but do bear in mind that every other shell scheme exhibitor is going to start with the same basic set-up. You can also use an exhibition wall drop to bring your backdrop to life! These can be either roll-able drops or rigid panels, depending on your needs. Many may even be in a similar line of business as you, so you’ll need some clever exhibition stand ideas to make your stand individual and appealing and some promotional products and printed brochures to pull in the customers.

This is where it really pays to engage the services of professional exhibition stand designers – unless of course you’re lucky enough to be one! It’s recommended you use a reputable company with a proven track record in producing exhibition stands. Your branding will obviously form part of the graphic panels which will cover your shell scheme; a good designer will also provide additional creative input on the layout, lighting, any furniture and so on, based on the objectives that you set out in your brief. They’ll also need to be aware of the organisers’ rules.

‘Space Only’ Exhibition Stands

If the organisers are offering exhibition stands on a ‘space only’ basis, you’ll just be allocated a piece of floor space and you’ll have to supply everything yourself. You’re literally starting from scratch but this does allow for a greater degree of creative freedom, and if you choose this option it really is essential to get a designer on board. Pop-up banners are a cost-effective way to define or enhance your space and can also be combined to make curves, waves or other shapes to mark the boundaries of your exhibition stands and make them more visually appealing to those potential customers. Colprint are experts at display stand printing and can offer advice based on the stand space size you have booked.

Exhibition Stands Loreal: exhibition stand designers Watford

We have a range of Pop Up exhibition stands in a variety of sizes and colours. Choose from a curved pop-up exhibition stand or a pop-up exhibition stand. Both come with lights, a table top, graphics and carry case.

Exhibitions are a unique opportunity to set out your stall to business decision makers who, as their attendance demonstrates, are already in the market for suppliers of the very products or services you offer. So make sure your exhibition stands make a strong statement about your brand and what sets it apart from the rest in order to convert browsers to buyers.

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