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Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor feeling a little overwhelmed as your first trade show approaches, or a seasoned campaigner who’s done it all before, some fresh exhibition stand ideas always come in handy.

The idea is, of course, to make it appealing and inviting to as many attendees as possible. So when you sit down with your designer to go over your exhibition stand ideas, there will be lots to mull over and some serious decisions to be made. You want the look and feel of your stand to reflect your brand, but if that’s quite monochrome then some extra splashes of colour in your display can help to inject a bit more interest and help you to compete with other exhibitors’ colourful displays.

What sort of stand will you settle on? Modular and pop-up stands are great for space-only exhibitions and you can dismantle them and use again and again. If you have a shell scheme, remember you’re not restricted to your wall drops. You can bring in additional foreground displays using roller banners, flags or A-frame stands, but don’t go overboard as you risk creating a barrier between you and those all-important potential customers.

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Armed with a proper understanding of your business and your objectives for the day, your designer should be able to put together some exhibition stand ideas that are coherent and attractive, without being too busy or confusing.

When designing your displays, remember that big, bold lettering makes it clear to potential customers what’s on offer at your stand and gives you the opportunity to shout about your products or services. Don’t try to squeeze masses of information on your banners as your message will be impossible to read from a distance; their purpose is just to attract people over so keep the finer details for your literature and sales pitch.

Exhibition Stand Ideas - A Board Sign

Exhibition Stand Ideas - chalkboard

Try attracting people to your stand with a traditional chalk board sign or an ‘A’-sign pavement board – perfect for outdoor use or to guide people down the aisle to your stand!

Your stand must be functional and convenient for both you and your customers. Is your table big enough to set out any product samples and promotional items that you want to feature? Have you included furniture in your plans? Exhibitions can be long and tiring affairs and your team will appreciate the chance to take the weight off their feet for a while.

The same goes for customers and some welcoming furniture may just be the thing that tempts them to stop at your stand. Once there, it’s your chance to chat to them and make sure they at least go away with a branded pen or some other item to remind them of you afterwards. Using a Literature stand to display your materials can help to keep your stand organised.

Entice customers in with a novelty theme or by announcing a prize giveaway or competition on a prominent banner. It gives attendees the incentive to stick around or return to your stand at a particular time. For something really novel, take a look at our Outdoor Displays.

Be ready for a day of hard work, but with the right exhibition stand ideas in place, there’s every reason to hope that it will be a rewarding one.

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